Saturday, September 27, 2008

The beginning of the Copper Queen

The process of making the mannequin into an "Art Doll" has begun, this is where I was about noon yesterday...I made the face out of Fimo Clay using a pop out mold, the copper paint is #564 Super Copper by Lumiere (I just love this paint) I painted the entire mannequin and the face. I then glued the face on with E6000.

The hair is made of copper colored tassels from some trim I got 75% off (of course) at Hancocks...I found an old "bone" bead in my stash and painted it copper, and glued it to the top of the head...I used some copper ribbon I got at Michaels ($1 bin of course...what else would you expect from the "Bargain Queen") I folded the ribbon and hot glued it to the copper paint bead.

There was a nice big hole in the bead so I squirted in some hot glue and added the feathers and the tear drop shaped stone (up side down) I got this glass tear drop from a hanging sun catcher that my brother gave me a year or so ago...he is always bringing me great "stuff", just because he is a cool and awesome brother.

I then glued some feathers behind the head, I wanted them to accent the head, you know like a big stand up collar, don't all Queens have those big stand up collars???? I got some copper "sparkellye" fabric at Hancocks. (they had all of their Halloween Costume fabric on sale 50% off). I cut a strip of the fabric and wrapped it around the upper torso.

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Bargain Queen Sara said...

Wow, what a great result!

I've always been called "The Bargain Queen" too, just wish I had your talent for craft as well :)