Monday, March 23, 2009

Patricia's Sounds of the 70s AB Spreads

Hot Rod Lincoln is the theme for this spread in Patricia's "Sounds of the 70s" AB for the RR in our ICE Group. This was the 1st RR we started about a year ago...and we are on the last "leg" of the RR. So the books are making their way home and we are all very excited. I found some copies of tickets for Concerts that were in the 70s, so I copied them and used them here...also found this pic of "Tony Orlando & Dawn"
It is just me but I thought the cover of Patricia's Book was a little plain so I added this cute "Hippy Doll" I hope you like it really is cute and I have had the doll for a really long time and I knew someday the perfect opportunity would present its self...and wala...this was cool is that????

Dawn's Inspirational Women AB

These are the spreads that I just finished in Dawn's "Inspiration Women" AB for one of the RRs we are doing over in the ICE Group.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some More Jewelry for my Etsy

I decided while I was over here loading some new blog links, that I would just post a couple more of my new jewelry pieces that will be on my Etsy Shop starting April 1.
This is one of my Steampunk Hearts...It is 3" long and comes on a leather necklace. It is one of my has lots of chains and metal decorations.
This is another Steampunk Hearts (these hearts were inspired by Christi Friesen). I call this one Rusted Copper.
This necklace has coral beads (the spiky looking ones) with glass and metal beads. The pendant is acrylic with white flowers. All of my jewelry is a one of a kind original design.

This Black and Silver Steampunk heart is 3" long and has lots of watch parts and a part of a Black Rosary Bead chain, all of these hearts are made from polymer clay and the metal parts are attached before the hearts are fired, so the decorations are permanently attached. This particular heart is $12. So if you are interested before I put them on my Etsy Shop (I take PayPal) just let me know. This one is really cool.

This is a double strand necklace with a beautiful glass heart pendant. I also have earrings to match. In fact most of my necklaces have earrings (and sometimes bracelets) to match.

This necklace is 32" long and the pendant is brown acrylic with flowers and a hummingbird. The beads are glass, wood and metal. Just click on it and you can see the detail. I don't usually make the necklace match on both sides of the pendant the same but I did on this one.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring time in Oklahoma

It is definately Spring Time in Oklahoma... The Redbud Trees are blooming!
The Pear Trees are Blooming....

The Tulip trees are Blooming...
The Creeping Philox is Blooming....

The Flowering Almond is blooming....

New Jewelry for my Etsy Shop

These are 3 necklaces that I made for my Etsy Shop. I will be putting them up next week, because I am having a sale this week...I have reduced the prices of everything in my shop over $10 to 50% off...this is my "Stimulus Package" to make room for my new jewelry. So if you think you might be interested hop or click on over there and check it out this afternoon. This is a glass turquoise Heart in an ornate cage...the beads are glass and silver to match the heart. This necklace is 21" long with a silver toggle clasp. I sells for $35 and if you would be interested in purchasing it before I post it in my Etsy Shop just let me know. I have earrings and braclets that match, and are available on my Etsy.

This is a beautiful Black and Turquoise Glass Pendant necklace with black, turquoise and silver beads...the clasp is a silver square toggle clasp. It is 32" long and sells for $45. If you would be interested in purchasing this before I post it on Etsy just let me know.

I call this piece "Green Ice" is made of Green glass and acrylic beads. The pendant is green glass with gold sparkles, black and brown swirls...the square green beads are in graduating sizes and have silver foil centers. It has a flower shaped silver toggle clasp and the total length is 28"...I also have earrings to match...You can purchase the necklace for $45 and the earrings for $16...SORRY I JUST SOLD THIS PIECE...but I have more coming on my Etsy April 1st and every thing in my shop is on sale now.

New Jewelry...aka. Steampunk Hearts

These are some of the Steampunk Heart Pendants that I made to sell on my Etsy Shop. My friend Kathy Parks made some so I just had to try them...mine are not as good as hers but I like them. The idea came from a polymer clay artist by the name of Christi Friesen...she is an awesome artist. These things are addictive...I can't seem to quit making them...I got a great deal on watch parts from Sky Blue Pink...a great web site for all kinds of embelishments. I have a lot of old jewelry (chains, charms and what not) that has either been given to me or I found at garage sales and I used quite a bit of that stuff to embelish the hearts. My first couple of batches were fairly dark and so I made some with out "antiquing" them because I always like a little more color than most people...I made small (about 2" long), medium (about 2 1/2" long)and large (about 3"long). I am going to sell them for $5, $10 and $15.