Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some More Jewelry for my Etsy

I decided while I was over here loading some new blog links, that I would just post a couple more of my new jewelry pieces that will be on my Etsy Shop starting April 1.
This is one of my Steampunk Hearts...It is 3" long and comes on a leather necklace. It is one of my has lots of chains and metal decorations.
This is another Steampunk Hearts (these hearts were inspired by Christi Friesen). I call this one Rusted Copper.
This necklace has coral beads (the spiky looking ones) with glass and metal beads. The pendant is acrylic with white flowers. All of my jewelry is a one of a kind original design.

This Black and Silver Steampunk heart is 3" long and has lots of watch parts and a part of a Black Rosary Bead chain, all of these hearts are made from polymer clay and the metal parts are attached before the hearts are fired, so the decorations are permanently attached. This particular heart is $12. So if you are interested before I put them on my Etsy Shop (I take PayPal) just let me know. This one is really cool.

This is a double strand necklace with a beautiful glass heart pendant. I also have earrings to match. In fact most of my necklaces have earrings (and sometimes bracelets) to match.

This necklace is 32" long and the pendant is brown acrylic with flowers and a hummingbird. The beads are glass, wood and metal. Just click on it and you can see the detail. I don't usually make the necklace match on both sides of the pendant the same but I did on this one.


CC in WI said...

I found my self here after you left the lovely comment about my zentangles. I really like your style! The hearts have a little tangle look to them. Yes, you are correct I am kind of hooked on the zentangles, feels like I am tapping into a part of my brain that I have never found before.

mary schweitzer said...

I am having such fun watching you spread your jewelry wings! Your work just keeps getting better and better. The hearts are still my faves!

Val Foster said...

Wow Linda, I'm just loving your new jewelry here. The steampunk hearts are just great. It looks like you've been a busy little art dobee. Good for you, sweetie.

I'm just recovering from another art slump/dry time. Hopefully, it's behind me.

Gayle Page-Robak said...

Hi girlfriend....thanks for stopping by so I could follow you home :) I am overwhelmed with all you have been up to!! Awesome altered books and your jewelry is totally awesome. Etsy - April 1?? Congratulations! That is excellent as are all your jewelry art pieces. So beautiful! Hugs, Gayle

Elizabeth Golden said...

I am loving these hearts, so free, love the steampunk look. So cutting edge.