Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Jewelry on Etsy

I wanted to show you some of the bracelets that I am making to put on my Etsy Shop. They are not posted there yet but will be this week along with some other jewelry that I have been making...the link is

There are charm bracelets, earrings, vintage necklaces, custom necklaces and surprises. Please check it out. I will custom make bracelets with music charms, sports charms, or just about any kind of charm you would like.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Eye Opening Experience

I don't usually post without pics but today I found a website that I feel is a link to Art around the world, and I would like to share it with you all, and I hope that you will take the time to check it out...It can be a real "Eye Opening" many of us live in our own little worlds and that includes me...but today I ventured out and WOW! I was wonderfully surprised to get a birds eye view of somethings that are going on "out there". The link is I am sure there are lots of other web sites and blogs that are enlightening but I just happened to find this one today.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This is a silver Kokopelli Charm braclet that is made up of glass cube beads and silver spacers, the clasp is magnetic (which makes it ease to put on and take off). The Kokopelli Charm is 1" and the overall length of the bracelet is 7". If you would like to win this bracelet in a random drawing please read the info below.
I am participating in a project called One World-One Heart 2009. This is a project to help artist connect, make new friends and network. You can read all of the details by clicking on the symbol. The basic idea is fairly simple. I post a piece of art work (ie. the Kokopelli Charm bracelet) to be given away in a random drawing. All you have to do to be elegible to win is to post a comment to this post. That sounds pretty easy, huh? The drawing for the bracelet will be on February 12th, so be sure and leave me a email addy so I can contact you if you win.
I have another charm braclet that I am giving away over on my other blog...... so if you would like a chance to win that give away just click on the link and leave me a comment there also....This is going to be a lot of fun and you will be able to visit a lot of (new) blogs.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some pretty cool Jewelry for my Etsy Shop

This is a set of earrings and a bracelet that are made of black and white "chunky" square acrylic beads...I will be posting them on my Etsy Shop this afternoon. This pair of earrings are dragonflies that are checking out some little flowers..the black and white beads are hand made glass.
These little blue Fimo Clay shoes are precious and you can find them and some red & black shoes and some black & white shoes on my Etsy Shop...there is a link in the right hand column to my shop.

This necklace, bracelet and earring ensemble is made up of pink and green crystal beads with silver bead spacers (the silver is from Taxco Mexico where silver is less expensive than here in the US, I love to go there and shop in the awesome Silver stores...) The heart pendant is a hand blown crystal heart with pink and green swirls.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two Days in San Francisco

This is the 1st pic I took when we got to San Francisco...these are condos right across the street from the Golden Gate Part. This is our hotel, The St is on Union Square. We could see and hear street musicians and protesters all day and most of the night.
These are 3 of the hand carved ceramic tiles that are in the Union Square Park. Even the Palm trees were decorated for Christmas...lots of lights and lots of people.

This is the Christmas tree at the entrance to Pier 39. We had so much fun shopping and eating (to much) fish. We found a shop there called San Francisco Sock Co. and I got socks for just about everyone we can't go wrong with socks...hardly anybody is allergic to Found another store that had lots of collectibles and I found a "Betty Boop" lunch pale for my friend Dawn from England, and a "Goofy" mug for Susan (she collects anything Goofy, guess that's why she likes I got a new hat (as seen in the pics) at a huge hat store.

The first store we came to at Pier 39 was the Hard Rock, so of course we had to have Hard Rock San Francisco shirts...the guy that waited on us was very interesting...he had tattoo sleeves, a thing pierced into his nose that was purple and made his nostrils flair out, earrings that made holes the size of a quarter in his ear lobes, some kind of shinny stone embedded in his forehead, and as we talked he mentioned that he was 51 years old....WHAT?....a true OLD HIPPIE in the flesh...working at the Hard Rock..
oh well this is San Francisco....

This is pic of a Bagpipe Player on the corner of Union Square....Susan said, "He is pretty good"....OK....I guess he was, it sounded pretty good to me....

Susan and I got some other "tourists" to take our pic with the SF Bay behind us. That is my new hat that I was telling about earlier....

OK so I know this pic is blurry...but it is of our hotel at night and I thought is was perfect that it was know a lot of photographers take blurry pics on purpose...of course I didn't do it on purpose...but I still liked it a I decided to

Ghirardelli Square was free chocolate...bought chocolate...ate chocolate...
and got a chocolate colored apron...what more could a girl want?


This a pic of Alcatraz through the window of the restraunt where I ate Crab until I was miserable...You can get Crab in OKC but it is just not the same as sitting and eating it by the shore of San Francisco Bay. Know what I mean? It was messy and great...the crab that is...not the

This is a great shot Susan got of the fog rolling in under the Golden Gate Bridge. It was soooooooo beautiful.

More San Jose Museum of Art

This is shot of the Christmas Wonderland across the street from the San Jose Museum of Art. There were over 100 decorated Christmas trees and animated Christmas scenes. This little Monkey by James Grashow was sitting on a window ledge looking at the Chihuly glass in the entry to the Museum.

This is one of the Chihuly Glass Sculptures in the foyer of the Museum. We have a very large permanent collection of Chihuly Glass at the Oklahoma Museum of Art. If you are ever in Oklahoma City don't miss the chance to see the collection because it is fantastic. I saw a special on the Chihuly Glass Group Compound during the holidays on the Discovery was very intriguing...if you get a chance to see the video be sure and watch it...Chihuly doesn't blow the glass anymore but he designs the pieces ...the video was all encompassing of the process...
I met an Art Teacher from Houston, Texas, Phyllis Knerl Miller . She and her husband were in San Jose visiting their son for the holidays.

Some Pics from the San Jose Museum of Art

A baby Monkey riding on the back of it's mother. The Monkeys are made out of Cardboard by James Grashow...they are life size and there is 100 of them. Glashow is a cardboard artist that makes all kinds of animals. The Monkeys appear to be constructed of cardboard and then covered with a layer of brown paper...paper mache' process maybe????
The San Jose Museum of Art

The San Jose Museum has some Chihuly Glass Sculptures. It was like the monkeys were looking at the Chihuly was really a wonderful exhibit.

These are just some of the Monkeys made by James Grashow. The exhibit was at the San Jose Museum of Art and contains 100 life size "Cardboard" Monkeys...I have to tell you that thses are may have seen James Grashow on the Oprah show a while back. I was really excited to get to see the show. There was also a showing of photographs of Fredia Kahlo at the museum. It was a great day to visit the museum because there was a Christmas Wonderland across the street, and ice skaters in the court yard of the museum. We took my Mom and Step Dad and they both really enjoyed the art.