Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More San Jose Museum of Art

This is shot of the Christmas Wonderland across the street from the San Jose Museum of Art. There were over 100 decorated Christmas trees and animated Christmas scenes. This little Monkey by James Grashow was sitting on a window ledge looking at the Chihuly glass in the entry to the Museum.

This is one of the Chihuly Glass Sculptures in the foyer of the Museum. We have a very large permanent collection of Chihuly Glass at the Oklahoma Museum of Art. If you are ever in Oklahoma City don't miss the chance to see the collection because it is fantastic. I saw a special on the Chihuly Glass Group Compound during the holidays on the Discovery Channel...it was very intriguing...if you get a chance to see the video be sure and watch it...Chihuly doesn't blow the glass anymore but he designs the pieces ...the video was all encompassing of the process...
I met an Art Teacher from Houston, Texas, Phyllis Knerl Miller . She and her husband were in San Jose visiting their son for the holidays.

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