Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Want to Talk about Paper

I have been visiting with some other like minded artist and we all LOVE paper. Following is a couple of pages that I have been writing in my journal. A little serious and a little humor...but all so true.


Let me share some thoughts I have about paper. Sometimes the thoughts are more like feelings. Thoughts are in my head and they spurn feelings that consume by entire body. Paper has been a huge part of my life as long as I can remember.

I love all kinds of paper: brown paper bags, wrapping paper (whether it is around a new pair of shoes in a box or around a wonderful surprise wrapped for Christmas, birthdays or an anniversary gift), hand made paper which I have made or machine made paper with beautiful fragrant flowers pressed into it, slick magazine papers, textured or smooth drawing paper, news print still on the roll brought home by my father who worked for a newspaper, water color paper, thick or thin (40lb or 300lb)hot pressed or cold pressed. The yellow paper used in the telephone book, crepe paper, plain copy paper, card stock, wall paper, and any kind of paper made from natural fibers or man made fibers.

Paper is the most versatile art medium there is to use. It can be used as a tool to apply paint or glue. It can be used as a tool to correct and error. Not that artist make It can be used to clean up a mess and then smooth it out and use it as part of a college. I just love paper...I know I said that before.

Paper can be made into a hat (like pressmen wear to keep the ink out of their hair) a pair of shoes, a purse or even a dress (One time, in 1968, the Yellow Pages had an advertising campaign, they gave away dresses made out of the yellow pages and my friends Mary and Alene and I got these dresses and wore them to a party, as soon as we began to perspire the paper began to fall apart, we were really glad we wore "appropriate" underwear).

Window shades can be made from paper. Furniture can be made from paper: when I was in collage in 1959, my room mates at North Texas State University, who were twins from Nacogdoches, Texas, they had some pressed cardboard paper tables that were really strong.

Of course don't forget something that is black and white and red all over....the, old joke. They say that newspapers are one of the "cleanest" things to use when delivering a baby. WHAT? I am not sure what that means but in the movies they would always say: "Cover the table with newspaper and boil some water." I had 3 babies and I never heard any thing about boiling water or newspapers. It's a wonder my babies survived.

We wrap our food and flowers in paper. We wrap our garbage in it and throw it away. We write on paper, we praise paper, we waste paper, we draw on paper, we fold paper into shapes (Origami), we roll tobacco in paper, we roll paper into beads to make jewelry and embellishments. We decorate with paper. We cover the walls and the ceiling with paper. We mail paper, we weave paper, we use paper to wipe everything from the floor to the ceiling. From the time we are born we use paper to wipe our bottoms and our tops and everything in between. I have heard that if everyone would recycle just their Sunday newpapers that would be enough paper that not another tree would have to be cut down to make paper....WOW! that sounds like a "Texas Whopper"...but what if it is true?

Paper is stiff, paper is soft, paper is transparent, paper is thick and thin, paper can last for centuries or it can disintegrate with the drop of a water monocule or the heat of an iron. Paper can burn, or be used to start a fire. Paper can be made into the most beautiful book you could imagine, and then that book could be altered into an awesome work of art.

Paper is a wondrous thing that we all seem to take for granted! I am sure there is something that paper can't do, but for the life of me I can't think of it now.

I Love Flowers

I love flowers. These are only a few of the pics I too yesterday on the way home from my pre op appointment with the knee surgeon. We stopped at one of the "Flower Tents" that spring up in shopping center parking lots this time of the year. I probably took 30 pics and then tried to edit them a little to put on my blog. They are all so beautiful and varied that I just couldn't stop taking pictures. I hope you enjoy viewing them here even though they are so much more beautiful in person......

Summers in Full Bloom

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Standin Fan Fold "White Book"

These are a couple of views of my Standing Fan Fold "White Book". In an earlier post I gave some info about materials and techniques that I used in the creation process,
but the final construction was the biggest challenge...since I tore the pages instead of cutting them it was impossible to attach the pages together using the sticks (which was my original plan) so I used my Zutter Bind it All to attach the pages together and added some beads and feathers to the sticks and then I used ribbon and glue to attach the sticks to the back of each page. I really like the way the pages fold better now using the bind it all wires. With all of the embellishments it was going to make it difficult for the book to lay flat when closed. The book is made up of 8 pages all with white embellishments. Air dried clay charms, feathers, eyelash fibers, tyvek papers, buttons, pearls, chip board swirls and some found mesh. I have been doing sketches for this book for about 3 is interesting how the process changes things. You have an idea of the finished piece and you make some notes, then you begin the process of creating each page and it takes on a life of its own. Each page is a 6"x10" collage. It has taken me about 3 months from beginning to finish, not counting the hours of sketches and notes. But I think it was all worth it, because it is very close to my original idea. I will post the individual page pics later.

Friday, May 2, 2008


This is a letter from a fellow artist that I want to share with anyone reading my blog. This is so very important and I hope you will take the time to join this campaign to stop this legislation. This legislation will impact all artists world wide.

If you can't take time to contact your legislator, president or governor, at least click on the link below and sign the petition, it only takes about 3 minutes.

If the links don't work...just cut and paste the url into the address bar...this is that important.

The US government, as well as a few countries in Europe are trying to pass legislation that requires all artists of any kind (artists,designers, musicians, writers, filmmakers) to register their creations with private registries for a fee. If creations are not registered, they become "Orphaned Works" which means basically that they have no copyright and become public domain- meaning that anyone can sell or distribute them without the original artist seeing any income whatsoever.

You can read more about it here;

Below is a link to sign a petition against this act;

Below is a link with the contact information for the president and all US senators, representatives, state governors and legislators;

Please let us all as beings whom express themselves in creating and/or enjoy others expression put a stop to this.

Forward this to everyone and anyone you know, especially other groups and artists.Please take the time to share this info and drop a quick note to your congress.:

Love Light and Peace:Carol

Here is a great link where you can read what has gone on and what is going on with this bill...including a link to the actual bill. You can check it out for your self.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dawn's Little Altered School Book for ICE RR

These are my pages that I altered for Dawn Gold's Altered Book in the ICE RR. Her book is so is an antique picture album, from the 1800's. It is only 5"x6", and only enough pages for each artist to alter 1 spread. so I made a fan fold that is the same 5"x6" but folds out too 13". That gave me lots of room to play...Dawn's theme for this book is "School Days"......The fold out is made from some pages that came out of a 40's 3rd grade reader book.
This is not really a picture of a teacher that I had when in school, but it is a picture of my friends Great Aunt who was a teacher in the 20s...and I thought it was perfect for Dawn's book. Teachers sure don't look like this now days....