Friday, May 2, 2008


This is a letter from a fellow artist that I want to share with anyone reading my blog. This is so very important and I hope you will take the time to join this campaign to stop this legislation. This legislation will impact all artists world wide.

If you can't take time to contact your legislator, president or governor, at least click on the link below and sign the petition, it only takes about 3 minutes.

If the links don't work...just cut and paste the url into the address bar...this is that important.

The US government, as well as a few countries in Europe are trying to pass legislation that requires all artists of any kind (artists,designers, musicians, writers, filmmakers) to register their creations with private registries for a fee. If creations are not registered, they become "Orphaned Works" which means basically that they have no copyright and become public domain- meaning that anyone can sell or distribute them without the original artist seeing any income whatsoever.

You can read more about it here;

Below is a link to sign a petition against this act;

Below is a link with the contact information for the president and all US senators, representatives, state governors and legislators;

Please let us all as beings whom express themselves in creating and/or enjoy others expression put a stop to this.

Forward this to everyone and anyone you know, especially other groups and artists.Please take the time to share this info and drop a quick note to your congress.:

Love Light and Peace:Carol

Here is a great link where you can read what has gone on and what is going on with this bill...including a link to the actual bill. You can check it out for your self.


Kim said...

Hey sweetie , your gov't. contact link is busted - here it is again -

You've got some weird '20%' thing included in yours , don't know where it came from but the above link will work.

And thanks for posting. :)

amy said...

Thanks! I will check into this. Does not sound like a good idea. Why can't the gov. spend their time doing something to help people? :) Found you on the altered books list. Love your blog. :)