Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dawn's Little Altered School Book for ICE RR

These are my pages that I altered for Dawn Gold's Altered Book in the ICE RR. Her book is so is an antique picture album, from the 1800's. It is only 5"x6", and only enough pages for each artist to alter 1 spread. so I made a fan fold that is the same 5"x6" but folds out too 13". That gave me lots of room to play...Dawn's theme for this book is "School Days"......The fold out is made from some pages that came out of a 40's 3rd grade reader book.
This is not really a picture of a teacher that I had when in school, but it is a picture of my friends Great Aunt who was a teacher in the 20s...and I thought it was perfect for Dawn's book. Teachers sure don't look like this now days....

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Dawn said...

Oh my gosh!!!! what can I say, words fail me!!! this is totally totally the NUTS!!!! I can't wait to get my book back to see this in RL. THANK YOU so much for creating a spread that is so special for ME!!! I so don't deserve something as wonderful as this but I THANK YOU for it. BIG, BIG HUGS AND KISSES from me to you wonderful mummy!