Monday, April 28, 2008

"White" Book

These are pics of my new "White" book. I have been working on it for a little over 2 weeks, although I had done thumbnail sketches and drawings in my art journal, an on going idea for over 3 is just one of those projects that starts with a little spark of an idea and keeps growing until it catches fire and you have to light it up. Somethings happened spontaneously: like the Embossed Wallpaper Boarder that was left over from my brother and sister-in-laws new house, the air dry clay pieces that were inspired by a project over on The Artist Circle workshop using Sherrill Kahn's new book "Creative Embellishments", Tyvek paper from Flax Paper Store in San Francisco.

This is a "Standing" Fan Fold is designed to stand instead of laying flat. There are 8 pages connected with ribbon and dowel sticks that have been sanded and painted. Each stick has a wooden Tulip at the top. The pages are 140 lb. watercolor paper, torn into 6"x10" sheets. The next layer is cheese cloth applied using ModPodge. Then scraps of watercolor paper that were torn and "crinkled" using a Friskar's crimper, were glued on using ModPodge. The embellishments are Crayola Air Dry clay, I used a mold for the faces and free form technique for the other shapes. I made holes in some of the shapes so I could attach fibers to hang down. I used another technique from "Ceative Embellishments" using pipe cleaners wrapped with the same white eyelash yarn. I used Sea Glass (I bought the bag of glass at Hobby Lobby...on sale of "on sale" that is my motto) the adhesive I used for the glass and the clay pieces is Golden Thick Gel Medium. The other adhesives I use on this book are: E6000, PVC White Glue, Elmers White Glue, glue stick and the Gel Medium. (The embellishment determined the adhesive I used) After everything was glued together, I painted the embossed wallpaper border with white acrylic paint, but I didn't like the dull look, so after it dried I painted it with Golden Glaze Pearl. That gave it the sheen that I wanted plus the look of pearls that looked good with the pearls I used for embellishment on the front of the pages.

These are 4 of my "sorta" finished pages. I say sorta, because I went back and added some more embellishments to them. I will be posting the completed book shortly, just waiting for everything to dry so I can photograph it.....

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Christy said...

Hey Girl, I love all of the texture you have achieved here. That wallpaper is just beautiful. And the sea glass too. I can't wait to see the finished book. -Christy