Monday, April 14, 2008


OK...I have just made a Big (Huge) Discovery...when you have 2 Blogs you have to be careful when posting because you could post on one blog and think you are posting on the other I sound confused?...Well I didn't think I was until I hit the publish button and looked to see how everything came out and LOW AND BEHOLD...I had "published" my new book on instead of I guess if you are really interested and you don't mind the 30 seconds or so to click over there, you can see my latest AB which is on its way to Patricia in Kentucky...OK so I guess if this is Monday and I am already mixed up...then the rest of the week won't be so bad....LOL...Forgiveness is another perk of being a Senior Citizen...people seem to think because you are "old" that they can forgive you for stupid mistakes...Thank Goodness...LOL...Eastism...."I have heard that when you admit your mistakes you are on the road to recovery...I just didn't know the road was so crooked and long....:)"

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