Monday, April 21, 2008

My Spreads for "Once Upon A Time"

These are the spreads I did for an Altered Book (owned by Heidi Bazilian) in a Round Robin over on Our RR Altered Book Yahoo Group. I use Alice in Wonderland for my images...most of them came from the Internet. Some were B&W and I colored them with Gel Pens...I love my Gel Pens and I love to this was great fun. I am kind of particular about how I cut out images...I see some people just cut out the images and leave a lot of the back ground around the edges, but I like to detail cut out the images...usually when I am sitting around watching TV (Oh I guess I should say HDTV at night. Always have to have these hands busy you there is a lot of detail cutting in these spreads, the flowers, the teapots and the maze. I used a really really tiny vial to put a note in, it says Drink Me... and it has some tiny little glitter stars in the bottom, I hope nobody really tries to drink

You have to turn the Maze Spread side ways to see the full effect. The picture below is turned so you can see the whole spread vertically. It kinda formed an optical illusion for some reason...but I think it looks pretty cool...It is really made up of 3 different pictures...1 with Alice,( I cut around the maze so the text in the book could show through) 1 with the "Card Guards"marching thru the maze, and the "Queen of Hearts" was an individual image that I glued on top. Of course all of these particular images are from Disney's Alice in Wonderland.

This is the first and last spreads that I did. The 1st one above, has a mirror glued down on to pages that were glazed with Golden Glazes using a technique from "Altered Books Workshop" by Bev seems like I use a lot of stuff from this awesome book. I also added a strip of cloth (a remnant from another project using techniques by Sherrill Kahn) at the bottom of the page and glue some little lilac vintage trim on top of the cloth. I did some stamping with gold ink and added the ribbon around the mirror and along the edge of the 2nd page. There is a silk flower glued on the corner of the mirror and a teeny tiny vial wired through a gold eyelet. Remember when Alice found the little bottle that said "Drink Me"?
The last page is also a Disney Image of the Card Guards holding up a banner that says The End. The maze part on the left of the page is folded over from the page before. I like to fold over images and glue them down to the next seems to make the work just flo from one page to the next.


Christy said...

These are lovely Linda. I love the detail cutting and totally sympathize with that need. :)
I especially like the way you have allowed the words of the page to peek through and the effect you got with that maze is spactacular.

karishma said...

I love all of these; I couldn't even pick a favorite.

I do that folding the image over onto the next spread thing too - it helps keep from having the book turn into a bunch of disjointed spreads.

Probably less of a problem for experienced artists like you, but still an issue for a beginner like me.


Mary S Hunt said...

These are just WONDERFUL!

Eastjewels said...

Thanks so much for all your positive guys are the best...your words are so encouraging.

Babytreese said...

Awesome!! Taking time to do the detail cutting really makes a BIG difference!! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful work with us! So inspiring...

bockel24 said...

Oh, I know what you want to say about detail cutting - I also think that it´s important for good collages. Love your Alice pages!

Dawn said...

Mummy, how special is this, the detail the work, the effort it is all glorious, you are such an inspiration, I have said it before and I will say it again, I would so love to be a student being taught by YOU!
The maze is amazing, the tea party is the best...YOU SURE ROCK!!!

Seuss's Cat said...

Love your alice in wonderland work, you have a nice micture of disney's film and the pictures from the book. The maze page is amazing and I love the little cards all covering each other. Such great use of images.