Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Haiku by Silla Board Book

This is the board book I made in the workshop by Leslie over on Artist Circle Yahoo Group. I call it Haiku by Silla...because my friend Priscilla Hoekstra writes Haiku poetry and she allowed me to illustrate a book using her she awesome or what? This was great fun and because the workshop lasts until the end of April I am busy making 2 more smaller shaped board books. I will post them soon.

There is an earlier post about the processes I used in prepping the book and some of the techniques that Leslie gave us. Of course (as usual) mine seems to be really different than everyone Else's...go figure.

I tried to down load the pages in order...but you know how this blog thingy is "A mind of it's own"
This is the second page in the book.
This is the back cover.
This is the front cover.


Christy said...

This little book is amazing! I love the colors and the appliqu├ęs and the lace and the feathers and it is just lovely! -Christy

rosebudinnh said...

Wow I love this book , its so wonderfully colored and I love That its round, so differnt. Rose

Dawn said...

WOrds fail do you come up with such wonderous creations time after time? GENIUS