Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Large Handmade Book

This is a book I made using 12"x18" paper, folded diagonally. The cover is made of cardboard covered with hand made blue and natural colored paper with wood chips. The signatures are all sewn by hand using linen thread. The trim on the cover is tea dyed to match the natural color of the center section of handmade paper. The inside of the front and back cover are handmade red papers with gold flecks. The cord is black silk. A lot of people ask "What are you going to put in the book?" When I tell them "Nothing" they are surprised....I then try to explain that the making of the book is the art form. I have made a lot of books just for the sake of making the book. Because of the way I folded the paper it made for a very interesting shaped book.


Christy said...

OMG this is beautiful. I totally get that the book itself is the art!!!
You have to point me in the direction for learning to sew the book pages. I have to learn to do this... ohhh we should do this on ICE if enough folks are interested! -Christy

Dawn said...

Linda this is awesome, I think it is indeed art and so doesn't actually need anything putting in it!

Val Foster said...

Another beautiful art work, and a book to boot. True, some people just don't "get it", do they. I love the handmade paper, did you make it yourself?

I have stacks of handmade papers I made 4 or 5 years ago. I was so, so into papermaking back then. But I haven't made any since, but then haven't needed to, since I still have stacks to use.

Karen Campbell said...

This is such a neat book and shape!