Thursday, April 2, 2009

Steampunk Hearts are Hot on my Etsy

This is just one of the Steampunk Heart Pendant necklaces that are available on my Etsy
I am having so much fun making these Steampunk Hearts...they really are addictive. The basic idea for these came from Christi Friesen (a wonderful polymer clay artist). I have already sold over 2 dozen of them. Steampunk jewelry seems to be really hot right now. I saw a couple of TV shows where the stars were wearing Steampunk jewelry (Ugly Betty & Ghost Whisperer).

I have been reading some controversial talk around the net about people posting things for sale and promoting their Etsy or Lollipop shops (or other venues) on their blogs, I thought it was my blog and I could put what ever I wanted on it, without having to ask for someoneelse's opinion. Hummmm???? Maybe the people that are complaining don't have other venues for selling their work, or maybe they don't want to sell their work (that's ok), or maybe they don't have any work that is worth selling (that's ok), or maybe they don't need the money (that is great). I am thinking that this is my little corner of the net and I can do what ever I want here, and you know what so can you.


mary schweitzer said...

I agree, your blog is like a journal. Yous hould be able to put what you want in/on it. If people don't like it they don't have to read it.

I LOVE this piece! Actually I love all your stuff! I'm a fan.

Dave Huddleston said...

Hi Linda, thanks for your nice comments on my blog. I love your work also...signed up as a follower.

dave @

Val Foster said...

Oh Linda, I totally LOVE this steampunk heart. I looked at those in your etsy shop, and they are all awesome. I can see why they'd be very popular. The ones in your shop are all so different --lots of creativity there.

I'm surprised that there's talk around the net about what people promote on their blogs. I say it's really none of their business what someone puts on their own blog, as long as it's not illegal. One purpose for having a blog is to promote what you sell, if one sells online. Some people just have to stick their nose where it doesn't belong, in other peoples business. Those kind of people really annoy and irritate me.

You just keep promoting your etsy work and forget about what others say online about it. More power to you friend.

Princess of glitter said...

Love your steampunk hearts, what a funny name though! Keep up the great creations - oh by the way I agree with Val!


Gayle Page-Robak said...

You are so right, and your Steampunk heart jewelry piece is so, so beautiful! Hi girlfriend...thank you for your comment on my arch, and for the use of your wonderful "Eastism"...guess what? I wrote it down, and will surely use it one day soon.

Elizabeth Golden said...

You go girl! I am loving your hearts. Every time I see them I tell myself to just make one and then...I don't. So I might be heading over to etsy. Also thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. I have been traveling and have limited computer. Just wanted to say Hi and I will check in on you later.
ps It is definitely us in the digital collage I did.

Barbara Olivo Cagle said...

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Barbara owoh

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Seuss's Cat said...

Whats steampunk? Nothing wrong with letting people know about your stuff on your blog. Some people are sooo precious about things!