Friday, June 5, 2009

Three Finished Catalogs, Killed by Me

These are the three Catalogs that I have killed so may have seen in previous posts how these catalogs looked after I soaked them in the bath tub and then how they look after they were scrunched and smashed and then dried...I really am amazed how they turned out...each one is so different. I just started adding some paint, some glazes and some stamping...then I added some fibers and some clay pieces that I had made and painted....these were quite a stretch for me, I usually lean more to the realistic side of art...but when I finished I was pleasently surprised. I am thinking about putting them on my Etsy shop. This one has a lot of beads and pages that I rolled up while they were wet and let dry. It could be hung on the wall or place on an easel for display. I gessoed the back of this one but I left a lot of the printed material in the catalog show through the glazes...The green pearlized leaves are some pins that are like corsage pins that I got from Lisa at Collage Stuff. I just pushed the pins into the back of some of the rolled up pages. There is a little frame that was made by cutting a small square in the paper before it was dry. There is a piece of lace that I put on diagonally to create a little more texture and then the beads are from a store called World Bazar in San Jose.
You know after Christmas sales are awesome, you can get some really cool stuff at 90% off.
I call this one "I See You" because I found some "googly eyes" that are funky colors and they just happened to match the colors I was using...funny how that happens some times....I probably had these things for 20 years and I just knew I would use them someday...well this was the This is the catalog that had some blue & yellow Easter egg dye on it, so I built on those colors...well you know how much I love my Golden Glazes and the burgandy is my favorite so I add some of that...then I wiped it with a rag while it was still wet...then I used some permanent markers to do some doodle thingys. I have about 2 million buttons so I went through them and found 3 green ones and I sewed those on to the center. When I started to do the doodles I began to see triangles and so I followed the folds of the paper and accented those triangles with a purple marker. This idea of the Catalog Killing came from a UK artist by the name of Maggie Grey...if you google her you can find a lot more of her awesome work.

Any way, there are more "unsolicited" cataloges being soaked, or dryed or squished as we speak, some other artists and I are going to do a collaboration using this media, it will be fun to see how different our styles will be when we finish....we will post the results some time at the end of the summer...hope you enjoyed clicking on these so you can see them bigger.


Christy said...

these all look good. mine are still only about half finished. I've tried several things but am not finished yet. loved the reunion vid. that boy can sing!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...


What a great concept. I must give it a try! :)
I love recycling things and this looks very interesting. Love all your Killed Catalogs.

Marilyn said...

These are great - very creative!!

Val Foster said...

Well dear art friend, these are simply great! I love them all, and love how your creative mind works. And yes, it's very interesting how different yours and mine turned out. Well, so far, I've only done one killed catalog. I look forward to doing more and to how they will turn out. I suspect they will turn out differently.

I, like you, look forward to our collab effort with these killed catalogs. What a great idea, and great medium to use. Thanks for coming up with the collab idea and inviting me to join in.

Genie said...

Love what you have done with your catalogues, Thanks for visiting me.

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

OMG how scrumptious are these pages, I can't imagine how long they took but I'm sure were a labor of love. Thanks for the peek.

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

OMG these pages are scrumptious, I'm sure they took a long time to create and I'd bet you loved every moment of it!

Val Foster said...

Linda, I especially love the third one and the way you painted it. The colors are great. And the eyes are so cool. All three of yours look so different from each other. That's exciting.

I'm working on my second kc, the one that's very dimensional. This killed catalog art is FUN!