Thursday, June 26, 2008

Journals, RRABs and Beginning Fan Fold Book

These are 3 pages (well really six pages or 3 spreads) I have just completed in a Traveling Journal. This Journal is one of the projects that I have been envolved with in the Serendipity Journal Group, this project is in its 6th month and all of the journals are just awesome....I can't wait to see my journal that is in the UK at this time. It is great to see the pictures but to hold the journals in your hands and be able to read everyones entries is just the best.


Christy said...

oh my that knee page is just a bit terrifying. but of course the color yum orange is such a great color!

Seuss's Cat said...

Some lovely work there linda. You will be pleased to know that your journal went postal at the weekend so is on its way to Nadia, not many people until it is back in your hands. Hope you are well (as it seems you haven't been!)