Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Concept in Construction

I was reading Holly Harrison's Book "Altered Books, Collaborative Journals, and Other Adventures in Bookmaking" and a fan fold book called "Towers" by Michael Jacobs, tweaked my interest...because usually I make fan fold books with a theme in mind and I create the pages to lead the viewer through them just like you would read a regular book. But the "Towers" FF book is like a series of collages that are connected to each other. So my idea was to stretch myself to step out side my safety zone of former successes with this type of FF book....Below are the collages that I have created: Each collage has a front and a back, and ea. one is very different...sorta of...I used some of my hand carved stamps, prisma pencil, napkin designs (applied with Mod Podge), a large "script stamp" from Stampabilities and I worked on card stock using hand made papers that were a gift from Christy Sobolewski (That Average American Girl). I used Mod Podge to "stick" down the hand made paper to the card stock, then when it was dry I created 8 individual collages ( of course you all know how hard it is to venture out of your comfort zone) so when I finished the pages I looked at them and I realized that even though each page was different, they still had many similarities...Now the next step is to cut them into smaller pages that will be hinged together to make a Fan Fold Book...I hope you come back to see the end result in a week or so.


Kim said...

You've got great bones here , and I look forward to seeing the finished work which is Always so good , lol!

Christy said...

I love how just including a few common items and not the same ones on each piece gives the impression they were done as a set. Can't wait to see the finished book!

Toni Curtis said...

oh mi gosh!!!! Linda, this is wonderful, It is beautiful as is, I cannot wait to see more.

Linda Greiss said...


I could not find your email address so I am posting instead. My name is Linda too! I am an art teacher. I have visited your blog Jewels of the East a number of times. I belong to Claudine Hellmuth's Yahoo Group and Trends in Mixed Media. Looking at your timeless treasures blog this morning I felt an instant connection to you. Book Arts and Altered Books are my greatest love! And I have been cutting out images since I was 10 years old and do exactly what you do. Sit and cut out images when I want to do some art. Also I loved your Paper Journal Entry that you shared. I too love paper! I have a huge storage under my bed of all kinds of papers. I finally found a large under the bed storage unit with wheels that looks rattan on the sides at Ikea. It has a cloth cover. Please email me at Artfully,

Linda Greiss