Monday, October 13, 2008

I Have been Tagged by the Average American Girl

Well I have been tagged by my friend Christy from Fort Myers Flordia...Average American what she call me she is anything but an "Average" American now I have to tell the world 7 Things that you don't know about me...Hmmm???? Lets see...

1. I am a clown. Yes my mother and I had a clown business..."The Clone Clowns"...we dressed alike and our clown makeup was the same...we did kids B-Day Parties, balloon animals and magic tricks, delivered balloon bouquets the whole deal...She was 75 yrs young and I was 55 when we started the business.
2. I just figured out that I have been married 38 of my short 67 year life.
3. I am a Teen Leadership Facilitator .
4. I love choclate milkshakes made with vanilla ice cream and choclate syrup.
5. I drove 100+ miles per hour down an airport runway in my pick-up truck, just to see if I could.
6. I layed 2300 square feet of ceramic floor tile, by my self, in my house. I wore leather knee pads stuffed with Kotex "extra heavy" sanitary worked great.
7. I love Iris, and I hate when people call them "flags"...because Iris come in more colors than any other flower and "flags" are the wildflower that only comes in white or light purple. My Grandmother "Grace Ella" was the president of the Oklahoma Iris Society in the 40's
Now I am susposed to tag some other internet artist here they are:

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