Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Pages for Altered Book Round Robins

These are my 2 spreads for Mary Schweitzer's beautiful AB "Vintage People with Wings".

This is my other spread for Toni Curtis's Inspiring Women AB. These pages are dedicated to Fredia Kahlo.

These are the spreads for Nessa Math's AB book called "Wish". This is the last book in this RR on Our Round Robin Alterered Book Group...It has taken 9 months, and the books are so awesome...the pics do not do these books justice. My book "Angels" will be coming home this week and I am very excited to see it in person.


Mar said...


Christy said...

oh yea, those wings and your spreads are coming to a mailbox near me soon! i can't wait to see these in person. love all of your page spreads (as you already know!)

Robinsunne said...

Hi Linda,

What a great blog you have going here - mostly because you have pretty cool looking books and dolls going.

Thanks for coming on over to my blog - those pencil shavings are silly, but kinda intriguing too.

I want to be a soul journaler when I grow up. The stuff I keep seeing on the internet leaves me dithery with excitement!

see you again soon,


Kim said...

Great spreads Linda and good to hear Mary's working with you all! I think her's was my fav , I'm still a sucker for a wing too :).
Your Copper Queen looks like a labor of love - she looks gorgeous!

Daphne said...

Oh my goodness, LInda...these are fantastic pages. I don't know where to start, so I will just say, they are all wonderful! I just sat drinking it all in.

Dawn said...

Hi Mom, cor blimey what a riot of color, so inspiring - brilliant pages.... sure the recipients will be soooooooooo delighted!!!

Elizabeth Golden said...

I love your spreads! Frieda and the women with wings are wonderful. I can't wait till you post your book. I am sure it will be a treasure.

LaY hOoN said...

Love all the pages ! It's so marvelous.