Friday, December 5, 2008

The Building of the Art Studio

And so it begins...this is a little after 9 am...on Monda December 1...these guys were so nice and "fast"...the building a from Cedar Built...ok so this is really exciting. They are putting in the floor. As soon as the floor was in they started on the walls...Wow...this is only about 10:15.
This is a view inside...and they have only been here like 2 hours...

This is vew from inside with the window installed....

This is like 4:30 and they are almost finished...just putting the window frame on...Wow I can't believe they built it in one is awesome!!!!


Mar said...

you are going to SO much enjoy your art space

YAY for you!!!!

Val Foster said...

How very, very cool!!! They got so much done in just one day. I am so,so thrilled for you, girlfriend. What are the dimensions on this new studio? I can't wait to see when it's totally finished and set up. Wow, lucky you.

Christy said...

HOLY SCHAMOLEE! It rocks. It's so cool. I'm totally jealous in a good way of course. YAY! Now I can't wait to see that there polka dot floor... you the bubbles?? LOL

Christy said...

And check out those doors. Wow, just open them up in the morning... enjoy the fresh morning dewy air, the sunshine and the lovely light/colors of early afternoon. Heck maybe even the stars at night Hehe Maybe I do spend too much time in my studio.

Sue Farace said...

I wish our contractors here worked so fast! If you never had a place to call a studio before you will be shocked at how inspired you will be now.

Congrats - maybe when you are all done post a pic of you toasting and I will toast with you!


Ingrid Dijkers said...

This is pretty wonderful! Can't wait to see when it's done!

Dianne said... cool to have dedicated art space! Just discovered your blog and am loving your work. Checked out some of your older posts and really liked your combination of watercolors & puffed paint! good luck with the new studio!