Sunday, December 14, 2008

Getting a new Roof

Well on top of remodeling the old and new living rooms, building an Art Studio....we had a bad hail storm a few months ago and our roof has to be replaced and they started on it yesterday. It is really hard to get in the mood of Christmas with all of this going on...I can't get to my stuff to make my baskets or wrap packages...I am not sure how all of this got pushed so close to Christmas...oh well it will all get done...and one of my favorite "Eastisms" is..."Stop Global Whinning: and it seems that I am even though it is frustrating...I am really trying to not whine about it all...after all I am getting a new Art Studio....and can't wait to get it finished and move in. LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!!
Our back yard.......

Our Patio.....can't wait for the AFTER


Mar said...

we had a terrible hail storm experience this year too
not fun!

Linda in Ft L. said...

I so empathize with you! I went thru a huge remodeling job on my home in S. FL and 1/2 way thru Wilma hit and set us back months! No power for 3 1/2 weeks plus everyone needed building supplies after that! One day at a time and keep thinking about that art studio!!!!

I'm interested in your floors! They are gorgeous! That's the neat thing about huge projects like step back after it's all done and WOW! You did it yourselves! I know what that foam backed carpeting is like. I still haven't gotten all the foam scraped off not 1 but 2 bathroom floors in our retirement home. I do a little more each time we go up to Ocala. I'd love to know what products you used to seal and paint, since I will eventually get to that point!lol I hope!!!!