Monday, May 4, 2009

The cutest Great Grand Baby Ever!

Not sure why this is so small...but it doesn't matter because she is the cutest thing you have ever seen...our Julieanne...7 weeks old...OMG


Val Foster said...

OMG....this baby is so cute and precious. Is it a girl or a boy? You passed on great genes Linda. You must be so thrilled. How wonderful! Congrats to you and to the parents.

Mar said...

YEP pretty daggone cute!
she looks like you!
go look at...oh some picture you have and you are standing looking the exact same way

:) all

Kim said...

She IS cute , Linda! Congratulations on your newest member :}
(I got a new member too - she's my Feature this week on my blog , lol)

Rachel said...

congratulations!! What a little sweetie:)See you in some mixed media workshops!

Princess of glitter said...

Congrats on your beautiful grandbaby!