Thursday, August 13, 2009

#5 in Expression Series

This is the completed drawing and the beginning of the inking process...not sure why it is turned vertically...but sometimes Blogger has a mind of its own????? This is the finished drawing and it has been completely inked. I have started the coloring process with Prisma Pencils.
Not quite finished with the face but I was really excited to start the water coloring so I will go back and finish the face when I get the watercolor part done...this is the first in the series to have watercolor on it. These seem to be getting more and more detailed and complicated...not sure why but I guess it doesn't matter. You know I was thinking that I have always loved to color in coloring I just draw and ink my own drawings and color them...hummmm?

I really like the "bubbles" I got some new pan watercolors that have glitter in the paint, so I used it to color the bubbles...I don't think you can tell in the photograph...but it is really cool. I am wondering if the glitter will still show once the piece is matted and framed with glass...If you click on the pics you can see them really big and get a better idea of the detail. This piece is 28"x30" on Strathmore 180# watercolor paper.

This is a close you can see the bubbles and the flowers.


Ingrid Dijkers said...

The detail on this is amazing! You must have the patience of a saint!

Mar said...

just beautiful
and tons of detailing!
but ya know the detailing task can be soothing i suppose...

i am glad you showed it colored
i was not seeing the face...

great job!

Val Foster said...

Linda, I'm so impressed with your drawings. I love this one, and the bubbles are great. I can't believe how much detail is in this piece. This is beautiful, and your drawing style is very unique.

So you have the Pan Pastels? I hear they are ablsolutely great. Wish I had some.