Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Exquisite Corpse Collaborative Published

Just found out that the "Exquisite Corpse" a book collaborative that I worked on with 10 other artists has been published in this September/October issue of Somerset Studio Magazine. One of the things that was so awesome about this collaborative project is that I made some life long friends while working on the book. There are some pages below that explain what "The Exquisite Corpse" is all about. This is one of my pages...I used a "self portrait" of Vincent VanGogh which was only chest high and then using prisma pencils I complete the form, and added the brushes and the paint palette.
This is my second page...It is an original watercolor of a "Clown".

This is the explanation of the Exquisite Corpse that I got from Wikipedia. I did the words and Christy Sobolewsky did the digital back ground and Ingrid Dijkers did the page background. If you click on it and blow it up you will be able to read the definition. You can reach Ingrid's web site by clicking on her name in the right hand column.

This is the inside cover has all of the artist's names and addresses on it.

This is the cover....done by Ingrid Dykers...Ingrid did all of the binding and organizing of the book...There were 2 extra books made, just in case something happened to a book when they were returned. Some of the artists live in Germany, Australia and all over the US so we wanted to make sure everyone got a copy of the book.

This is a pic of the book when it was finished. The whole process took us months and was very tedious because every page had to fit perfect for the book to come out right. It wasn't a matter of being able to trim or adjust the pages when it was time for Ingrid to put them together.
Some of the artist used clip art, some used original digital images, some did original drawings and some used original watercolors. So each page is very unique and expresses the style of each artist.
It really is an incredible work of art.

Since we were lucky enough for nothing to have gone wrong and all of the artist received their own books, the extra books are going to be auctioned off over on Ingrid Dykers web site. So if you would like to see the rest of the book and join in the auction please just click on Ingrid Dykers above and it will take you to her web site.
This is all so very exciting and I can't wait to talk to the other artists...WOWZZZZZZZEEEEEE!


Mar said...

i saw this earlier on ingrids blog
y'all did a wonderful job !!!

mary schweitzer said...

How exciting for you all! Wonderful work. I got my issue yesterday and really enjoyed seeing your work.

Val Foster said...

This is such exciting news Linda. Getting art work published is such an accomplishment, one to be proud of. It surely doesn't happen everyday. Congratulations to you and the others. The book is Exquisite. And I love your work in it.

Leann said...

How wonderful to have this labor of love able to be enjoyed by so many. I'm excited to see it when it comes out.

Leann said...
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Linda East said...

Thanks so much to you was a wonderful experience to work with this great bunch of so talented we had so much fun doing it and became friends at the same time. It doesn't get any better than that. Thank you again for all your support and kudoooos.

Elizabeth Golden said...

This is so cool Linda! Love your pages and can't wait to read the whole article. Ingrid had blogged about it last week and I was utterly amazed! You are so talented.

Michi Michaelson, Orange County, CA said...

Hi Linda!
CONGRATULATIONS on your collaborative published work in Somerset Studios! How fantastic!!! It's WONDERFUL!!!

Dawn said...

Mom I know how excited you were about this project right from the start and to see your end result and the fact that you are in Somerset is brilliant - Love what you created1