Saturday, March 8, 2008

New Spread for RR AB

These are the pages that I just finished for Our Round Robin Altered Book group. This book title is Trash to Treasures. The first page is "Find a penny, pick it up and it will bring you luck". I used Distress Ink...Red and Green...then did some swirly stamping stuff, then I glued the mesh bag from the onions on top, punched holes in the right hand edge and wove some fibers and ribbon, with a key, attached through the holes, then glued a red Asian envelope from "Collage Stuff" (She has great stuff down there in Houston), I made two tags, one with an Asian coin on top of Distress Ink like the background on the paper, with the same fibers and ribbon as the edge, the other tag has the same ink with the lettering, I attached it with some tiny star brads, those red round thingies with gold swirls are some old earrings that I took the clips off of. This is my "Natures Treasures" page. I used Golden Glazes (which I am sure you have noticed are my favorite thing to use as background, because you can layer it and get awesome colors) and some Rose print tissue paper that I got at the Dollar Tree store when I was in California. Then I used the same stamp that I used on the first page. Stamped the lettering and glued on the images (the images were some I got off of the clearance counter at Hobby Lobby, they were really for wall decor) Eastism: "Clearance Rules"....well after all this is a "Trash to Treasures" book.
This is my "Trash Angel" page. I used Golden Glazes and "Moon Mist" from Paper Whimsy for the background...then I got into my stash of "junk" I picked up at Delozier Auto Service, while getting my oil changed. The wings are rusted metal, I guess all of this stuff came off of a car...duh...the body, arms and "halo" are also rusted metal...I got some really cool stuff at Pier 1 on clearance for 90% off, after Christmas, so the beads around the halo, the stars and the angel "gown" are those treasures you see. The face is a stamp from Tin Can Mail. I used some old broken jewelry on the front and the metal letters are another Hobby Lobby Clearance find. I really like the way this turned looks really good in person even if I do say so myself.


Val Foster said...

Wow Linda, these spreads are fantastic! I especially love the rusted angel one, that spread is awesome. I love rusted found objects, and scavenge my local truck stop parking lot for my rusted found object stash. Really great job on these spreads.wbwucpsz

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Linda. Love the colors. Especially LOVE the Trash Angel! :)


mary schweitzer said...

Fantastic angel! I love it. She embodies the trash to treasure philosophy! Wonderful work.

Angela Baustert said...

Linda this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I am so very impressed "Trash" from my dads shop made something so awesome!!