Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Photographer on the Run

There is definitely a big difference between the GREEN of California and the GREEN of NW Oklahoma. These are the typical Prickle Pear Cactus that grown in the dessert of Oklahoma...I took these pics now and I will go back and photograph them when they bloom...they are so beautiful when they bloom. You can actually cook these and eat them. I will try to find a recipe for Prickle Pears. My grandmother (my dads mom) would make jelly out of them....yes jelly.This is an old wagon wheel of a very large old wagon...the rust and the weathered wood fascinated I took some pics to share. There is a lot of old wagons in Oklahoma. We also have RED Dirt in Oklahoma. The red in our dirt is rust...when the glaciers moved across North America towards the Equator, thousands of years ago, they began to melt the closer they got to the Equator. The glaciers picked up iron ore up in the north and as they moved South and began to melt, the iron ore had rusted and the rust was deposited in the Oklahoma Territory....hence our dirt is red....just a little trivia to go along with my pics...learn something new everyday don't we?

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gulfsprite said...

I love that rusted wagon wheel. My mom had some of these cactus growing here in Florida and I knew you could eat them but I certainly never got close enough to them to find out. Those prickles hurt! And although I have family in Oklahoma I did not know that is why the dirt is that color. I love that dirt! Here we have sand, not dirt.