Sunday, August 31, 2008

The beginning of Inspirational Women AB RR for ICE

This is the back of my book where I made 2 niches...I glued the pages together then I cut the niches...I covered the pages with some Japanese (white on white w/gold highlights) paper that I got at the Flax store in San Francisco...did I already say if I ever move to SF, that I will either live in this store or at least try to get a job there so I can take my salary home in Then I glued some pearl and net border (I got it at Hancocks) around the really is plan is to make a "page protector sheet" bead (from Sherrill Kahnn's new book) in the small niche and a 3D embellishment in the large niche...the reason I made the niches is because my book is fairly large (in pages) and there are only 7 player/artist in this particular RR... This is my sign in spread...the sign in cards are Bridal Shower Invitations that I got on the clearance at Wal Mart...of course I didn't know what I was going to do with them but it turned out that they were perfect for this...don't you just love when that happens? I cut of the part that said "You Are Invited" with some decorative scissors and wrote over the stuff inside to read Name: Address: E-Mail: & Blog:, so each of the player/artist can fill in their info...Sometimes little things can lead you in a direction with your art when you least expect it...that pesky muse of mine does that sometimes. I really did not intend to alter my book in such a "girly" way...but the stage is set. The paper in the back ground is some that my friend Christy in Fort Myers, FA. sent me, I am sure it is because it is pastel and she is definitely not a pastel kind of girl...of course she is not an "Average American Girl" either but she claims to added some beaded ribbon and the Antique Crochet is some that my Grand mother made for pillow cases back when I was just a weeeeee lass....we won't go there, but trust me it is "Antique".
This is the cover of my Inspiring Women AB...I really was going to do something with a lot of texture and bright colors...but I decided I wanted my book to feel I put some quilt batting on it and then I had this beautiful blue upholstery fabric (left over from another project) the lace trim came from another trip I had taken to SanJose several years ago and my friend Neldi took me to an Asian Fabric store that had every kind of lace known to man...really...the letters are some embroidery letter from Hancocks...then I added the pearls around the letters and I used white dimensional paint with a very small holed writing cap to write the rest of the words...the "hinges" are some Tim Holtz Grungeboard pieces painted gold with Lumieres...the piece of the spine is a glass slide embellishment that my friend Toni Curtis made for is just my texture turned soft and my bright colors turned pastel...with a little help from my muse and friends....more spreads to come in the next couple of days, because the mailing date is Tuesday....So the fun for the Inspiring Women AB RR is just for more posts on this subject...I am sure they will be fun...

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