Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Little Collage for Val

This is a small (5"x7") collage that I made for Val Foster...I call it the "Biological Clock".


Val Foster said...

And I'm the lucky recipient (or soon will be) of this fine, beautiful art. Woohoo, doin' the happy dance!!! I'm glad you posted it on your blog, Linda. I just now thought to come look. Thanks for making this for me.

Now I need to link to this blog in my blogroll. I have your other blog, but not this one.

morningDove said...

i love this piece, lots of detail. what are the words on the clock and in the lower left hand corner?

I can tell lots of technique, care to share your process with a beginner?

Dawn said...

Wowza!!! lucky Val this is gorgeous with a capital "G". I am like morningdove wondering what the words say....please tell xxx

Jodi said...

Beautiful, Linda! Hey, you changed blogs (I found you through Elizabeth's and glad I did). I'll need to change your link in mine. You've been doing some terrific work -- LOVELY!