Friday, August 8, 2008

Spreads for "Realization" AB

These are the spreads I did for Amanda Stirm's AB "Realization" over on Our Round Robin Altered Book Group. I think my favorite spread is the one using Norman Rockwell's painting of a young artist running with her art supplies and easel. I got the image from a calendar that my mother saved for me...she saves all kinds of cool stuff for me to use in my altered books. Aren't mothers the best?

I Wanted to tell you about the "Foam" doll...she came with her own "stick on" clothes. She is like a paper doll but she is made out of foam...(one of those Michael's bargains) so I put her clothes in a clear yellow envelope and used the label from the package that said dress me...I painted the back ground with Golden Glaze to match the envelope and then I glued some pink trim down the edges of the will be a lot of fun to dress the doll...I love making pages that are gets the viewer involved in the art....there are lots of other pages in this book that things to touch and enjoy.


Christy said...

ooh i love the doll, the envy and the running painter. reminds me of harry potter but with an art theme instead of magic... er, well, they are kinda the same eh :)

Zora said...

Totally cool AB. I too like the Norman Rockwell picture of the artist running with easel - in your spread it seems like she's trying to catch up with a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

morningDove said...

i just love this book and the spread you did. way to go. if that were my book i would play for hours and make more clothes for her.