Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Everything Georgia O'Keeffee

This is a numbered print of Georgia O'Keeffee by Dan Budnik taken not long before she died, (she was 98 years old when she died) I loved the Alexander Caulder mobile in the back ground....I go it in the gift shop at the Georgia O'Keeffee Museum in Santa Fe. I am going to frame it with some other postcard pics that I got of her and make a collage of them in our dining room. Of course I got a lot of her note cards and Susan and I got Georgia O'Keeffee T-Shirts.

These are pics I took of the front and back of Georia O'Keeffee's home in Abiquiu. During the tours they don't allow you to take pics of anything...

This the church that Georgia O'Keefe painted so many times...if is atop a hill just to the south of her home in Abiquiu. It was so exciting to be able to see it in person.

These are some pics I took of the Church in Abiquiu, New Mexico. The church has been very well taken care of and they have services there every week. The church is owned by the Arch Diocese of Santa Fe. It is named Saint Thomas Catholic Church and is located on the plaza in the Pueblo of Abiquiu. This historic church has been a continuous place of worship for over two hundred years

The doors are all solid carved wood. Abiquiu is where Georgia O'Keeffee had her home and studio.

There are a lot of things going on out here in the dessert. In August there is a "Fiesta of Santa Rosa de Lima" which is celebrated each year and begins with the carrying of the statue of Santa Rosa to anto Tomas Church.
In October the "Annual Abiquiu Studio Art Tour" takes place on Columbus Day weekend. It is a driving tour that takes visitors to over 50 artists who open their studios to the public to show & sell their art.

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Christy said...

amazing photos. love seeing this 200 year old place of worship. how cool!